Codes of conduct

“It is not allowed to drive or park vehicles anywhere within the yellow lines marking the lanes for buses or taxis.”
“It is not allowed to park in the parking lots for the disabled nor on the sidewalks.”
“In Rome there is a network of cameras with sensors that penalizes violators of these offenses.”
“It is permitted and free of charge to park in the parking spaces for motorcycles (white lines) and in the parking spaces for cars (blue lines).”
“It is not allowed to access pedestrian areas with scooters.”
“Every time you leave the vehicle unattended during stops, the scooter must be protected from theft with the safety chain placed at the front wheel. It is recommended to tie the vehicle to a fixed base, such as a pole, using the safety chain.”
The helmet(s) should always be well secured.
“Drivers of vehicles and any other users of the road, in case of an accident which can be directly or even indirectly linked to their behavior, must stop and provide assistance if there are injured persons or animals.
In case of accident, when in doubt, do not sign any statement of responsibility.
In case of uncertainty about the dynamics of the accident, request the intervention of the Local Police of Roma Capitale, by calling +39 / 0667691 for accidents within the city of Rome, otherwise call the Traffic Police at number 113.
In case of an accident with injuries call 118 and explain exactly where you are.
Wait for the police to inspect the scene in order to decide and confirm accountability.
During opening hours, please contact Myscooterrentinrome. Otherwise give notice of the accident within 24 hours.
Do not leave the vehicle unattended and without proper safeguards.”

Useful telephone numbers

Local Police of Roma Capitale – 06 67 691
Traffic Police – 113
Medical Aid – 118
Myscooterentinrome – 06 4202 0818
N.B. +39 country code for Italy in case of foreign phones.