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Visit Rome with a status symbol: the Vespa

Visit-rome-with-a-vespa-rent-a-vespa-for-a-Rome-tourIncreasingly in recent years, those who for whatever reason find themselves visiting the streets of Rome, they resort to the use of cycling. Consequently has increased the demand for rental electric bicycles and scooters, in particular by tourists but also residents themselves, who to perform certain committees prefer to rent a two wheels instead of going by car or take advantage of public transportation. Among the means that are required for the rent, there is the Vespa, the classic, timeless and fascinating “Wasp“, back in the limelight for some years.

Renting a Vespa in Rome is not difficult, given the presence of many shops that carry out this activity in the capital of Italy. My Scooter Rent in Rome delight its customers with a wide choice of models of Vespa, from the most classic to the most recent, to give everyone the chance to take over one that most closely reflects your taste and your own style.


The status symbol of Rome is the Vespa
Rome is history. And the Vespa has made the history of cycling in Italy and all over the world. So renting a Vespa in Rome is therefore the maximum. The fact is that the Vespa is not just a scooter but a real institution, a way of thinking about life, liberty, the journey. Born in 1946, it has become over the years from a simple means of locomotion to style icon, a cultural and social phenomenon that has become part of the cultural heritage of a nation. Rent a Vespa in Rome does not only mean to travel the roads zigzagging between vehicles stopped because of the traffic and take the wind in his face that refreshes the hot days of summer. Renting a Vespa in Rome is more than that…!

It is choosing to travel the same roads with motor postwar symbol of war itself, the rebirth of a nation that was beginning to produce, to live, to infuse serenity and optimism. Then, as now, the Vespa was a true symbol of rebirth that has accompanied young and old to the desire for freedom, emancipation which then gave birth in the 60s and 70s to the revolutions of a generation that sought if same, the own dimension.

Rent a Vespa in Rome
To rent a Vespa in Rome you have just to get to “My Scooter Rent in Rome” or contact us via e-mail or telephone.
We are right across to Via Veneto, the “dolce vita” street, the ideal place for those who still runs after the sensations and emotions of that time, touring the neighborhoods of Rome, full of history and stories unforgettable. Courtesy, quality, dedication to work, are just some of the prerogatives that Scooter Rent in Rome makes available to all, so that everyone can find the best they want in the capital.

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