Rome tour with a Scooter

What is the best way to see and experience Rome? To appreciate the lights, the streets, the smells, the history and the mystique that the alleys and emanate directly affects the hearts of tourists?
Scooter Rent in Rome does not have the exact answer to this question, but is able to provide a memorable opportunity: it is called “Rome tours with the scooter“. But before considering the merits, let’s see who it is, and what makes … more

Rome tour by Vespa like “Roman holidays”…!

A tour of Rome on a Vespa is a timeless dream…!
It was in 1953 when the big screens around the world, Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, to the edge of their Vespa, turned one of the most beautiful places of Rome.
The film was “ Roman Holiday ” that was a tremendous success and allowed the world to inspect the new phenomenon typically Italian that would soon be exported abroad: the Vespa. We can say that the first real tour with the Vespa in Rome, and certainly … more

Rent a Vespa in Rome

Increasingly in recent years, those who for whatever reason find themselves visiting the streets of Rome, they resort to the use of cycling. Consequently has increased the demand for rental electric bicycles and scooters, in particular by tourists but also residents themselves, who to perform certain committees prefer to rent a two wheels instead of going by car or take advantage of public transportation. Among the means that are required for the rent, there is the Vespa, the classic, timeless and fascinating “Wasp“ … more

Rent scooters in Rome


The advantages of renting a scooter to visit Rome

The use of the scooter for journeys within Rome, is often made necessary by traffic conditions that do not allow the use of the car, especially at certain times and locations. Rent a scooter in Rome is a choice that can be made for a number of valid reasons: to go somewhere or to go to an appointment without running the risk of being late, visit the many attractions and the magnificent monuments of the “Eternal city” offers, or just walk around and relax in the sunny days that often surround Rome, not only in summer…. more

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